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Biggest DOOM Level challange.

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I have a great challange in mind. Making a Super Huge Doom Level as big as the Source port's will let you. It can be made for GZDoom, Zandronum, or the Eternity Engine.


It can be in any format you choose Like UDMF, Doom 2 HEXEN Format, etc. You can add and ammount of monsters as you wish. and the building can be as tall as you want it to be "The Sky's the limit" but it can't wrap around And NO DAMN TERRY WAD MAPS OR TRAPS! and Seriously please no Terry Wads or Traps. (Alpha and Beta maps are acceptable. As long as you Update it with ever you can. No Time limits.)

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I have learned the hard way that any map bigger than 16k by 16k will have weird errors.


Meanwhile, here is a map that a friend of mine (Aiur850, who apparently doesn't have a Doomworld account because I couldn't @ him) made that is the theoretical maximum size: bigbox_v4.wad

It is a sandbox map, for testing custom monsters and weapons (by summoning them).

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