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Two class-based questions


[Sorry if this is a rather large question but I do kinda wanna have both answered... :l]


Q1: Just a quickie, how does one make a custom box around a class like how Hexen does when you highlight a character and it shows a silly little box with stats of each character.



I know in Hexen the HUD is different for which class you can play as. I have a basic working HUD system which I used for TMoD Episode 2 but in the new project I'm doing (Episode 3 ^_^) I want each character to have different HUDs.


A few points I need ANY info on:


1 - Different coloured health bars for each character


2 - A place where I can show how many keys you have collected (Being there are more than 3 keys, this is needed since I may have quite a few, each key set being useful depending on which HUB you are in)


3 - Showing how much armour you have remaining again displayed as a bar that shrinks when you're low on armour and increases when you have extra armour.


4 - Literally anything else XD


[Don't just give me the ZDooM Wiki page... I tried it last time and got stuck for the most part...]

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