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Neo Te Aika

A badass TC needs a badass title theme! Entering Xenotomb...

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Hey there!

What the frick frack is this?



Back in 2016 I had the idea to make a TC, which was going to be my next step from making Crater with a school classmate, "Plutonic Overkill".

Since we wouldn't actually be in the middle of english class this time around while working on the TC, it would be far easier to get things done compared to Crater (It ended up releasing in DUMP 3 but as a bugged version).


Plutonic started working on converting our project to gdcc (and I know shite about code, though I can make alright maps) but after getting an epic titlemap with a few...too many placeholder graphics, we lost interest in the project.


I've decided to start over, though bringing in the titlemap from last time around as a template to redo it better. I'm working on a design document so I have something to actually stick to; I gather that this'll help me stay on track if I get bored or lost on what to do next, and I've also finished the game story and basic map progression.





Here's the title screen music for Xenotomb. Originally I actually started with this tracker module (the first 40ish seconds) but I changed to a MIDI since I knew my way around the MIDI format far more. The MIDI version was so damn cool that it actually slows down my SC-55 to a crawl, and notes trip all over each other.


I've decided to go back to module format, to give the TC a more distinct sound compared to traditional Doom WADs. I'd love to hear what you all think of either the MIDI or the new tracker version, but I also switched to modules, because I want more seamless music file changes to prepare for a dynamic music system I plan to implement. There's a loop for the STARTUP lump's loading music, before the attached .s3m kicks into high gear!


For convenience sake, since you likely don't want to spend the time to "changemus" and not everyone has an .s3m compatible media player, I've uploaded a .mp3 render to SoundCloud (downloadable)., and here's an SC-88 based render of the original MIDI (also SoundCloud).


Both the original MIDI and .s3m file are attached though, if you want to check those out too!


If you're reading this Plutonic, we really need to bugfix Crater... (Hope you're doing well!)

Song (2018).zip

Song (2016 MIDI).zip

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