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More Early Doom 4 Stuff

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This is pretty cool, thanks for sharing this, i like how they were following the Doom 3 cyberdemon design in early development

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Liking the looks of these, especially the Hell concept art. Bit of a shame there's fairly little similarity between DOOM '16's final Hell and the one seen in these.

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It’s extremely interesting to see that Doom 2016 looked to be a continuation of Doom 3 at one point, in terms of the visuals. 


I especially love that take on the Cyberdemon; a fusion of both the classic and Doom 3 versions of the demon, and had we gotten that version, people wouldn’t have been up in arms about the “cybermoose” we got in the final product. 

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Gotta agree, does look a lot like a direct followup to DOOM 3 from these art shares. Though see a lot of DOOM 64 still in the hell levels, as it still is in DOOM 2016.

Awesome! thanks for sharing!

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Posted (edited)

It's really a shame Doom '16 didn't go in this direction. It would have been the perfect blend of styles.


...And really, the more I look at these pieces, the clearer it is that the team were really tapping into Japanese cyberpunk and H. R. Giger. I think this is the one major misstep in the aesthetic of the reboot, was removing that horror angle, which would have been right at home with classic Doom. I think the fans would have dug it.

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