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Carboxyl v1.2 Slaughermap (UPDATE)

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I decided to make a map (currently on beta) , for an un upcoming wad.  Only 2 maps were made at the moment and I hope to make some soon. This is mainly for prboom+ complevel 9. Made from scratch.


Some info:

Map 1 :is complete and requires some feedback and any necessary implemented changes like bugs or errors or improper linedef placement 

Map 2 :is incomplete and requires some time to finish, I added a small parkour area which I will remove later...

Map 3 :Not yet developed


I have already merged cc4-tex and q1tex(credits goes to cc4 authors and q1tex authors for the design) with the current wad so that you dont have to directly open them with it.


Link: Carboxyl.7z --updated--

IWAD: Doom2.wad

Port tested in : Prboom+ (complevel 9)

Maps Currently made: 1 and 2 




Edited by CarboxylicAcids : update

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Hi! :)


Always nice to see a slaughter map pop up ;)


Here's a super lucky blind FDA for 01 which manages not to die :o




Was the limited rocket supply in the first area intended? I found their was enough ammo to clear the immediate group of enemies to prevent you from being trapped, but not enough to kill everything unless you run into the final area where most of the map's ammo resides. Was this an intentional design ethos where by the player must prioritize the highest threats only, namely the Archviles and clear enough clusters of Revenants, then make good jukes while the BFG is lowering and escape into the second area after inevitably running out of ammo?


Final area seems quite lucksy with the Archviles, sure their perfectly lined up in front of the Cybers so they can all hopefully get hit and infight easily, but their is no way of telling how consistent this is unless trying several attempts. I guess the corners can be used to hide in case it all goes to shit :D


I don't agree with the Invul use, in this scenario it neutralizes the threat entirely making whatever enemies you throw at the player pointless. An ideal Invul use in slaughtermaps is where they act as a timer, such as having to kill an excessive amount of Archviles or Cybers before it runs out or your left with little to no cover and the potential of being surrounded, otherwise they remove all skill required from a slaughter fight and shouldn't be utilized. I'd instead recommend putting some medkits and one armor in the alcoves where the Archviles and Revenants disperse from after grabbing the BFG, otherwise their is no health recovery if you've taken all the soulspheres and are already low on health.


Here's a troubling FDA for 02 :\




Did you playtest your maps from pistol start and beat them without saving? I don't understand the design principle here. You have a pair of Archviles on pillars and a pair on the ground creating a no man's land where you literally have no cover and have to pray you get lucky with all four infighting simultaneously, why would you do this :(((


The ones on the pillars can't be killed easily or quickly due to the Hellknights shielding them, I tried rushing them as soon as they popped up but that didn't work. I tried some different strategies such as the above, then trying to stay in the corners and focusing fire on the Imps and Revenants while trying to avoid hitting the Archviles and hoping they infight, but in every attempt it's only a matter of time till I get fried and thier is nothing I can do about it.


Is their an intended strategy you had in mind here and I'm just missing something? From what I experienced it seems based on luck entirely, making a challenging fight is one thing, but if it's frustrating and imbalanced it takes all the fun out of the game.


I'd say have one pair of Archviles either on the pillars or the ground but not both, it's too difficult having to dodge the swarm of projectiles and then getting killed by them due to having no cover at all.


I finished the rest with saves and the ammo distribution on this map seemed fine, parkour was manageable with some angled strafe running :)


Cool maps, nothing spectacular but fun to play nonetheless. The basic square layouts and Quake textures remind me of Grain of Salt's maps from SF2011 ;D


If you could focus on rectifying the above issues that would be great :)

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Just now, Bloodite Krypto said:

Final area seems quite lucksy with the Archviles, sure their perfectly lined up in front of the Cybers so they can all hopefully get hit and infight easily, but their is no way of telling how consistent this is unless trying several attempts.


It's possible to BFG rush (firing shots after hitting the switch), and with the stacked shots kill 6-8 or so viles very quickly and start retreating almost immediately and get to the pillar before any viles get a shot off, and the rest are often fighting cybs. This felt consistent for me.

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Thank for the generous feedback! I am hoping to implement new changes in the next update.


Map 2 is still incomplete , as such it was not tested extensively thus I will be removing those archi's later on ,and new battle areas as well better architecture will be designed.


The idea of map 1 from my perspective was to grab all keys take the BFG and go towards the final area were the vast majority of ammunition lies . I am thinking of removing the invul and adding teleport mechanism to some cybies towards the main area to help clear thinks out faster and make things more challenging. It will be tested thoroughly nonetheless. I might alter the archvile position in the final area , though in my opinion those archvile make the last area more challenging and interesting. 


Any feedback is appreciated and helpful 



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Possibly not intentionally (?), but you can actually complete the first map pacifist style. It requires a tiny bit of luck in not getting stuck between monsters, but you can essentially let the HKs kill some Imps in the first section, then just circle strafe around the perimeters picking up the keys and hitting the switch, then going around more until the door lowers, and the area with the Cyber/AV trap does require some luck with the Cybers shooting the AVs, but it is possible to beat without firing a single shot.

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Map 1 :


-Removed Invul and replaced with a megasphere which is now a secret instead 

-2 extra cyberdemons were added in the main area to help clean things up after the bfg was picked up

-Added more ammunition in the beginning

-4 archviles were removed in the final area and the cyberdemons were spread out more evenly to help ensure all archviles gets hit, as such the corners were removed to prevent the player from hiding 

-More ammunition was added in the final area and 1 soulsphere was added as well


Map 2 :
-Still in development , though archviles in the tower were replaced with revenants 

-New architectural buildings were added

-cyber demons removed and the parkour area was removed as well... 


Due to map still being in development , I recommend playing map 1 only

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