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Mordeth Chicken - The Game People May or May Not be Playing Behind Your Back

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What you are about to read is probably not true. But the truth is boring sometimes.


Tired of waiting for that wad to be finished? It's been, what, years now? Maybe waiting will be more fun if you make a game out of it? Only it's not a game you play, but one you imagine other people playing. It's called Mordeth Chicken, and it's based on the completely ridiculous assumption that the maker of that wad you've been so excited for is just about finished with it, but want a guaranteed spot in the Cacowards, so they want people to believe it's taking them forever so that when they do release it, boom, instant Mordeth Award. But the reason it's called "Mordeth Chicken" instead of "Mordeth the Usual Waiting Game" is because they have to be wary of other players who may have been playing for longer, and even the one who's been playing longest of all (let's say, I don't know, John Anderson with the last canto of Inferno) is worried they could still lose the award if Mordeth himself suddenly steals the show by finishing the project the award's named after. So instead of the loser being the first to stop their car or stop short of kissing a dude, it's the first to stop keeping the wad to themselves and finally release it.


I'd like to reiterate again that I don't actually believe this is what's happening. IT'S JUST FUN TO PRETEND SOMETIMES OKAY.

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22 hours ago, SiFi270 said:

.... I don't actually believe this is what's happening ....

I beg to differ. I've been doing it for years. Heh.

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Perhaps MORDETH would get released if it were sold to Gearbox. Doomguy's face would be replaced by Duke's.

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