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Rapid image resizing?

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Posted (edited)

hello, it is i: nick wilde connoisseur and world renowned person, bonnie

i've recently come into possession of a large number of oddly sized textures, and i wanted to know if there was some way to quickly resize/expand the borders of all them to be powers of 2, so that they can work in doom1


realistically, after nearly 25 years, there should be some way to easily do something very similar to this in SLADE or something

i would prefer if it just expanded the borders with transparency, but if the textures themselves have to be resized and warped, i understand and am willing to make such sacrifices

thank you





1what are the rules regarding this? i was like 80% sure that the power of 2 thing applied to midtextures as well, but some tests i just did showed oddly shaped textures working normally when used as midtextures

is this how it works? if so, i don't need this as much (i'd still like some help though ;~;)

also, i read that it doesn't apply to heights, only widths, is this also true? that would be even more radical :o

what else dont i understand in this crazy world??

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128 is your friend for repeating textures. (128 tall for vanilla, and 128 wide for less-capable engines). You want a image editor program that can do batch processing. Maybe Irfanview can do the job.


Any chance of peeking at your interesting find? :)

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Posted (edited)

i should have informed you that this was for boom, but i truly am a fool


8 hours ago, kb1 said:

Any chance of peeking at your interesting find? :)

it's not actually an interesting find, it's just an easily accessible texture pack that just wasn't designed to be easily used in vanilla/boom mapsets

if you're still interested, you can pm me and i'll send you a very very incomplete demo of my super secret project that i'm using the textures in ;~;


and i will certainly try irfanview (and faststone) friend(s), thank you c:

Edited by bonnie

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You can get a batch processing addon for gimp. Works great for me.


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