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Monsters attack speed

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I create new WAD. But while testing on UV-MAX the monsters attack me with the speed like on level "nightmare". Is too fast for me... did I something wrong on my setup or it reall speed on UV-MAX?


If this a reall speed, then how can I make attack speed lower (example 20% less speed, revenants 35%)? I dont want writte dehack on every monsters... is cost too much work.

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From time to time things on UV are just "on crack" which makes it seems like they're behaving as they would on nightmare difficulty. If that's the case here, then it's an RNG issue, which means that in order for your combat design to be "reliably doable" you're gonna have to either allow players to compensate for getting hit, or tuning the intensity of the fights down to begin with.


If you're testing you WAD from doombuilder, and for some reason you switched to nightmare instead of UV, then that may explain things.

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