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Impromptu Minidido RC1

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Nicely done all! I look forward to playing this at some point in the future.

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8 hours ago, Nine Inch Heels said:

Instant CocoWord :p

It might have some competition, since it doesn't have square room with a megasphere that summons a bunch of hell knights.



DQG3bwYVwAAoBfM.jpg large.jpg


Seriously, though, congrats! Thank you to all the contributors and @rdwpa for putting it all together. Great work all!


And I love the title screen.

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Pulling this back to the first page so that it and the project thread aren't confused. :) 

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Hello , sorry for necroposting but will this wad ever be released on idgames someday?

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I personally don't care, but I'll upload it at some point for the sake of others involved.


I'm also in no rush to upload a huge map that hasn't been scrubbed comprehensively by more objective eyes for technical bugs: monsters not appearing consistently, breakages, and softlocks. If you or someone else is going to run the map, give me those and I'll remove the ones detrimental to the experience -- i.e. 'tricks' will stay -- and treat RC2 as final even before I get around to uploading it anywhere. A map's runner is always its best bugfinder.



Edited by rdwpa

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Forgot to reply when I saw this in the weekend... I want to ask whether Youtube playthrough videos are a good way? I don't see I have the skill to do the full run of the maps... Even though I finished the map before, I remember nothing now... I'll probably miss a lot of secrets or stuff, so I don't know whether this is good enough. Hence the question.

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3 minutes ago, rdwpa said:

They are perfect!

I'll get around some time to do it. The other thing in my mind is that doing a stream with some of the authors with me so I don't need to look stupid to figure out things... However, this need to figure out a good timing to do so or such. The only thing I remember now is that I don't understand how that part with a bunch of barrels and lost souls work, so in my personal playthrough, it was stupidly awkward...

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