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Coma white, omega.


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Well first off if you *do* rip music from Youtube videos you 99% likely wont be allowed to upload the wad to idgames since most music on Youtube is copyrighted and copyrighted music isn't allowed (at least not mp3s or oggs, midis and tracker songs usually are on the other hand). Of course if you want to use royalty free music like from Teknoaxe or Monstercat or stuff like that, or your own music you made yourself, I guess that wouldn't be a problem but everything else would probably be a no go unless you just wanted to upload it to the forums...


Now with that disclaimer out of the way, I usually use http://mp3fiber.com/ when I want to download a song off Youtube that i can't find anywhere else. I usually try to search around on Google to try to find a better quality copy of the song beforehand though because ripping from Youtube always results in pretty bad quality since you are going through multiple layers of compression


edit: oh and you can use mp3s on some source ports but not all, I know GZDoom supports them, I think prboom supports them, vanilla does not though

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19 hours ago, therektafire said:



You could always record the audio directly yourself. Also, just download the mp3? If it's NIN you won't have any issues doing this.

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