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Complex Doom Clusterfuck

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A mod created by DustedPandemonic 

Here is the channel: DustedPandemonic's Channel

Many ton people wanted to release complex doom clusterfuck

so give this link: https://mega.nz/#F!GdsVnKyY!tBahBv35NujhwVpUxAkpDQ. its hope released.



Clusterfuck is released



Clusterfuck is updated to 3.0

Edited by TaporGaming50 : Dusted said: Clusterfuck will come soon, Don't Worry

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Hi, i'm new in this forum, and game too(well, with mods), soo i want to know how can i play clusterfuck cause the files .pk3 doesn't work or i'm doing it wrong idk, so i want help with that please if someone can or could help me i'll appreciate the help and time :)


This is my zandronum folder



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Using Doomseeker, browse to a server with that on it and join it, and all the hard stuff setting it up will have been done for you. If you want to play it in single-player, I see a file in your folder called CF_README - Load Order, which will tell you in what order to load the files. Use Doomseeker to set up the game and click Play Offline rather than Start Server.

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I use ZDL for ports that don't have their own launcher, and it works really well. Doomseeker is included with Zandronum, and it has nice features like making it easy to set up the flags, and of course browsing for servers.

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I cant play my game only loads "Complex" and not Clusterf*ck.

When i load the wads and pk3 and launch the game it says "Fatal Error".

I did everything good, everything in order, but this time in zandronum 3.0 says:



Execution could not continue.

Script error, "complex-CF-patch-v3.0.pk3:actors/lcacustomcrap/lmgfix.txt" line 178:
Unexpected '40' in definition of 'LegendaryBulletBox2'


And this is how i have install CF 




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You gotta use the right load-order. I use .bat files to launch mods and mine is something like this:


zandronum -file bulletpuff_fix.wad Newtextcolors_260.pk3 DustSkins.pk3 MAPPACK exomoon-1.5.wad exomoon-mp3.wad complex-doom.v26a2.pk3 LCA-v1.5.9.6.pk3 LCA-Ark-1.7.5.pk3 randommons-v1.2.4-server.only.pk3 complex-dust-v1.7.pk3 LCA-DJB-v4.3.11.pk3 insanelca-custom-v1.2-CF.1.pk3 HEM-custom-CF-v1.30.pk3 complex-dust-clusterfuck-v2.30.pk3 hpbar-v16.pk3 complex-CF-patch-v2.30.pk3 ComplexLCAZan3SoundPatch.wad omplexBrightmaps.pk3


Make a .bat file like that and throw it in your messy zandronium folder and execute it. Exchange MAPPACK with whatever map set you want to play. Don't forget the file ending. 


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