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XCoser Doom Helmet

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Yes, this is clearly a perfect 1:1 recreation of Doomguy's helmet...



Um... The Doom Slayer's...



Zoomguy 3D Game Version Helmet.

1:1 replica from the Zoom Game.

With PVC glass.

Eyesight is great and enough space to breath.

Ooh... I get it now... This isn't meant to be 1:1 recreation of Doomguy's helmet, but rather a 1:1 recreation of Zoomguy's helmet!



It's a cool helmet but $99.89 USD seems like a bit of a ripoff to me.

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It's certainly not a 1:1 recreation of Doomguy '93's helm..

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Well, it's green...


(And, a whole lot of green - yikes. Ain't got it like that)

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He doesn't. He wouldn't be able to run indefinitely with damaged lungs.

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21 hours ago, Marn said:

Who knew Doomguy's eyes were so dreamy


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