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Why Does Quake 4 Lack AI Bots?

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I am pretty sure Quake 4's multi died a month after release, whereas Quake 3 continue to lived on for a while longer because Quake 4's multi is just not fun. There is Q4Max which adds bots and other changes to the multi, but that was last updated since 2008 if I can recall. If you're interested:



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2 hours ago, Woolie Wool said:

Because the multi was a tacked-on afterthought nobody played or cared about.

Funny how id Software said, "Because there's no limitations on PC." once asked about why Quake Champions won't be on consoles when there's no actual single player and AI bots in the game. It even has Microtransactions. QC is not like Timesplitters where there was a lot of love and thought put into the game. Quake Champions Doom Edition however, is what QC should have been. I'm sure they could of had the time to add more into Quake 4.

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I had completely forgotten Quake 4 even had multi-player. I remember the single player campaign and the whole stroggification scene. Ouch my legs!

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