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Da Snoop

Inventory & in-game log

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Hi everybody!
Does anybody know how to use an inventory in ZDoom? The latest beta I have (33) does have a keys for it. I didn't found any attributes for things in Zeth (even in 4.11)!

How about a text log like in Unreal? Typing a long story via "print" ACS feature is not good. I think the log can be another intermission, but activateable through ACS (with a 320x200 background graphics, not the crap 64x64 FLATS!!!).

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The inventory keys are for Heretic and Hexen.

About messages, I know some people have knowledge of the "hudmessage" commands, I've never used them. Try a search on the zdoom editing forum for hudmessage, maybe it will be good enough for your needs.

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The Heretic said:

In deepsea you can make a zddomhexen project, is this of any relavance?

Only slightly. ZdoomHexen does not refer to editing the game Hexen, but to editing Doom maps using Zdoom's advanced map format based on the Hexen format. ie this is the format that allows scripts, z coordinates on objects, extra parameters and activation types on lines, extra args and flags on things etc etc.

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