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How do you make non-midi music play in the current version of Legacy?

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Back when Phobia: The Age was released, you could do it by including MP3 files named similarly to the IWAD's default music but with an "O_" at the start instead of a "D_". But nowadays it seems to ignore music with an "O_" title and just play the original Doom music, while giving it the same file name as the corresponding track in the IWAD just results in silence.

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This is new to me.  There is some weird stuff concerning music that is specific to Windows versions of the build.  It being that I develop using Linux, this does not show up in any binary that I run.  Some of that code was experimental and probably has not been touched in 10 years, except for trying to keep it unbroken while making systematic changes of the music interfaces.


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You had to use the -digmus parameter to active O_ music with Legacy 1.42, but I think every version after that doesn't support this.

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I looked at the sound code feeding SDL.

A MUS format lump will go through the mus2mid converter.

Otherwise, the comment says  "MIDI, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and various other formats" are fed directly to the SDL sound.

So what music format that SDL will play will be determined by the SDL version you have.  Newer versions may differ on support.

I have never experimented with this myself.


I believe the "-digmusic"  parameter actually was to make DoomLegacy use the FMOD support.

This required that FMOD be compiled in (a non-standard selection) and that you be building a WIN32 port (not the standard SDL port).

Much of this was updated  and the code made conditional some years ago.

FMOD support has not been tested in years.  I have been unable to get an FMOD library that will work on my system.


The binaries you can get from Source Forge are  Windows SDL, LInux SDL, and Linux X11.

These do not include the WIN32 version, which you would have to compile yourself.


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