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WDL Special Event #01 - Spring 2018 FFA Tournament Signups Open

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Signups for the WDL Special Event #01 - Spring 2018 FFA Tournament are now open! This is a one-day FFA tournament scheduled to take place on April 28th, 2018. Signups will remain open until Thursday the 26th. Spread the word! All are welcome. This tournament will be played on Odamex.


The objective of the tournament is to make it to the FFA Megacup through a series of stages, which begin with the Qualifying Round. The top 8 players at the end of the Qualifying Round will advance to the Megacup, while the remaining 16 will battle in the Losers Bracket. Only the top 6 players will make it out of the Losers Bracket and into the Megacup, meaning 10 players get eliminated. In the Megacup, 14 players will battle in a 10-map, 4-round series, with each round eliminating players until the final 4 maps. The top 8 will then play 4 maps, and the player with the highest accumulated frags at the completion of the tournament will be crowned the winner.



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