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So what happened to Quake Champions?

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The game design is very good, but it has major problems with regards to the infrastructure that surrounds the game.


Populations are segregated by region, which divides the player base, instead of just letting people play the way they've been playing for 20 years i.e. choose where to play based on ping.


Servers are purely Bethesda, and are only active for one map session, after which everyone is booted out. In practice this means you spend 5-15min in a queue, 30-60 seconds loading map, 60 seconds in the map during pre-game "warmup", THEN you get to play for 10 minutes, and the process repeats. Solution is stupid easy: fuck matchmaking and let servers have a map rotation. Since it has not been implemented by now there is reason to believe they are against the concept for some reason.


There's no way to play on an even playing field, currently you are forced to play the "your ultimate was on cooldown, but mine wasn't so I win" gameplay. I guess technically there is a game mode that disables it, but only your 3 friends can join you in it, the match won't be open to the public.

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I own it. Never played it. My friends that used to play it moved on to Fortnite. These are the people that spent $50 - $60 day one to play it and they moved on quick.


I remember streamers complaining about it killing their streams or something like that.

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Posted (edited)

It's not even out of Early Access yet! I tried it in some open beta, but only played 1 match. It was pretty meh.


I don't understand their focus with this game. Sure, when they started development, games like Overwatch, Fortnite and Pubg wasn't out yet. So super hard back then to predict what MP game people wanted. But right now I don't think people want to play a game like Quake Champions. And all the games I just mentioned are already out and super agile in what they produce of new content and updates. Quake Champions is not. It's not the Game as a service it should be.

I think the ship has sailed on Quake Champions. They should just ditch it IMO

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QC is worst shit for me, because of goddamn champions and decision to kill Doom MP support. I don't care if this game will completely dead soon.

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4 hours ago, qdash said:

QC is worst shit for me, because of goddamn champions and decision to kill Doom MP support. I don't care if this game will completely dead soon.

Yeah, the biggest complaint i've seen on QC was the champion mechanic they chugged in. Where you had different "characters" to pick that have varying stats and skills.

This was probably the nail in the coffin of the game due to the fact that it undermines the skill-based legacy other quake games had. Instead of mastering the game mechanics of movement and aim precision, you now got to worry about a tier-list of characters, and pick "the meta characters" to win every fight. Where there are "counterpick" champions, if that is even a thing. This champion formula could have work on other games, but just not in Quake.

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