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[PRBoom+, Cl9] Crimson Wood [IDGAMES link available]

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Great map! I think I got stuck somewhere, couldn't figure out how the red and yellow bars opened? Otherwise it had a nice flow, the map pushed you to the right place at the right times. Loved the style and use of textures even though it's not my favorite theme. Couldn't figure out all the secrets on the first run so have to play again. The fights were well thought out, had to use a little bit of brain to survive them. (I'll put this on my coop list, I hope it has at least coop starts... didn't check :)


14 hours ago, Yugiboy85 said:

Next map I release will hopefully be travmoon 2 (it is my main focus right now) but in the meantime, here you go ;)


Sweet! The first travmoon is high on my list!

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Very good map. I enjoyed all of it. A bit harder than what I'm used to, but it was so much fun. Didn't mind when I died a few times. Played on hmp. :D I'm not that good a player anyway.

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@grouchbag Yes, it has coop starts and, a few teleporters to prevent getting locked out of some arenas but, it wasn't tested alot in coop. Anyways, thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it :)


9 hours ago, GarrettChan said:

Will play soon after my things are done.


Please take your time, there is no rush. As I said before, this map isn't technically a new map of mine anyways ;) 

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Nice map. Seeing the starting area I was worried it would be one of those confusing layouts but in the end I didn't have any problems getting lost.


Here's a recording of my casual blind playthrough, after dying once I add a 'death counter' just for the giggles:


Edit: Playing on HMP.



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Just got done watching your video, nicely played man. 

And wow, I didn't expect a full on video of the map haha, that was a neat surprise :)


Glad you enjoyed it and, glad that you died a few times too :D

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