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Graeme Devine Interview

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From VE:

Graeme Devine Interview 12:20 PM - rob - Games: Action -
The Gamesome Mac radio show will be talking live with guest Graeme Devine of id software fame. You can catch the show tonight at 6pm PST (9pm EST) over on their web site. Topics include his design work on the 7th guest, Quake III, the upcoming release of Doom III, and developing for the Mac OS X.

Catch it here:

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GS-1719 said:

They had better not waste time talking about multiplayer.

No. And especially not the same stupid questions.

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Especially not now where we know that there won't be coop.
Talking about multiplay in an interview is always the same damn old thing.
I can't believe how half of the fans eagerly awaiting RtCW (while it was still being developed) kept bitching about how none of the interviews had much info on mp to offer. Damn some of the RtCW interviews were among the best interviews I've read - simply because there was barely no time-wasting info on mp.

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