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How do I end a .wad on a certain level?




Some info: By that, I mean "Player does the thing. on Map X. (Map 10 for reference.)" AKA Flipping a switch or killing icon of sin.


Also, I'm totally blind to anything that requires scripting. But if anyone could help me on this, It would be nice.

Currently using DB2 For level making.

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That depends on whether you want an end screen or not: if you don't want one just stop mapping past the slot you stop at.  If you do want an end screen you need to define a MAPINFO lump which will call for one.  Here's an example:



map MAP10 "insert map name here"
   next = "EndGameC"
   secretnext = "EndGameC"
   sky1 = "SKY1"
   cluster = 1
   music = "D_DEAD"


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Alternatively, you could just order your maps so that they line up with map30. So if you had 10 maps, your first map would start on map20.

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Depending on which editor you use there is an "Exit End" linedef you can use which straight up ends the game and goes to the end screen. Should work on any map.

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