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The /newstuff Chronicles #542

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kudos to all for bring back from coma another newstuff!


Also, there's a bug in the distorted memories review pics, it shows the pics from the deserted UAC plant review...

Edited by Walter confetti

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On 4/20/2018 at 12:35 AM, Anidrex_1009 said:

Sometimes I wonder how great would be the Chronicles in some sort of ''real-life edition''. Like a magazine.

It would be great if enough people could pay for it to print it. Even a once every 2 month thing.

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Working on it.


I've already recorded my playthrough with commentary of Bloody Rust 2 and am going to work through as much from the Newstuff queue, and past editions of Newstuff, as I can. I'm using Complex Doom, Legendary Creatures Add-on and Dusted's Add-on.


In addition to the Newstuff maps, I am currently 30% of the way through the original Doom 2, as I haven't seen anyone play it with these mods, and it's been nearly 20 years since I last played PC Doom 2. The comparisons between PC and PSX Doom 2 are interesting.


If my playthroughs are at all popular and there is any demand for it, I will do Sunder. With the mods. I have already hidden all sharp objects in my house in preparation for this.


Now if only I can get my head around this video editor to put it all together...

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"Scharf" means "sharp", not "scarf", and "Suche" means "search". "Scharfschutze" therefore means "marksman" or "sniper", and "Scharfschutze Suche" literally means "Sniper Hunt".


Also, @magicsofa, you can say "dick" on Doomworld. We won't mind.

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