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I'm Too Young To Die = So easy your farts hurt you more

Hurt Me Plenty = A fairly difficult but fun difficulty

Ultra-Violence = The difficulty all Youtubers play on

Nightmare = For the show-offs and the nutcases


So what's the point of Hey Not Too Rough, the second difficulty? Genuinely I barely notice a difference between it and ITYTD. I know it uses the same difficulty placement for enemies (As in all the ones tagged Easy) whereas HMP is enemies tagged Medium and UV/NM For Hard tagged enemies. Any idea? 







[P.S: Not sure if the general section is appropriate but whateves]

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I generally play on HNTR since I'd like to believe I'm not 100% wimp, but I'm not quite down to 50% 25% wimp yet.

If we're talking about original Doom, then whatever Killer5 said. I have to tiptoe a little more but can still get through with most of my limbs attached. 
If we're talking about any given custom level, there's usually two types of HMP: stupid easy and stupid hard. Everyone's got their own definition. I tend to find HNTR a good difficulty to avoid these kinds of issues, given difficulty settings are implemented. 

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^^^Somebody goofed? Anyway, depending on the mapset, I play HMP or ITYTD.

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