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Changing the Starting Weapon


Hello Peeps! I now have a new question for those of whom that want to assist. How exactly does one change the starting weapon in a DOOM wad? I'm wanting to replace the standard pistol with the iGun, presumably most commonly known from the popular (and deservingly so) 'mega wad' Winter's Fury. Although I haven't searched for info too deeply this time around, I figured my most faithful option was directly consulting the community, as most of the posts I came across were referring to Snapmap.


As always, any assistance is greatly appreciated!



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Okay so I don't know what editors you prefer but I'm going to show how it's done with DECORATE for Slade3.



The following decorate code is just the first segment on how I made a custom set of weapons for my TMoD Episode 1 Mod.

[The "//" Just indicates a comment I made for this post, it's not actually used in my WAD. Don't copy it fully as this is missing some other details so it may not run fully.]


ACTOR Dynamite : PlayerPawn // The Actor's name is just a name for this actor. PlayerPawn is what you NEED To inherit from!
  Player.WeaponSlot 1, Dagger // When the player acquires the dagger, it is placed into slot 1. [KEYCONF must still be defined!]
  Player.WeaponSlot 2, Magnum // When the player acquires the magnum, it is placed into slot 2.
  Player.WeaponSlot 3, EagleEyePopGun // Same for slot 3
  Player.WeaponSlot 6, SapphireStaff // And can be done to ignore slots 4 and 5 if you desire



Obviously when you are making a custom gun, make sure it's decorate info is also correctly filled in. (All off-sets are accurate/consistent names/etc...) The reason you may need a new playerpawn is just so that you don't have the default DooM/DooM 2/Heretic/Hexen/Strife/Whateves guns all in your inventory when you do IDFA/IDKFA cheats.

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For Doom, you need to inherit from DoomPlayer, which inherits from PlayerPawn.

Using the examples in DynamiteKaitorn's post, you also need the something like following in your player class definition:

Player.StartItem "Dagger"

Player.StartItem "Magnum"

Player.StartiItem "Clip", 50


In the DECORATE definition for the Dagger, you need

Weapon.SlotNumber 1

... and similar for each weapon you make.


In KEYCONF, you need:


addplayerclass  Dynamite


Naturally, you need to change the names of things to match the names you named things, not the names in these examples.

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