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The Crypt (WAD) - From the Vinesauce contest, I had to share it!!

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Watching Joel play this was super fun, looks like he acted exactly how you wanted him to. :P

I'll give this a ride soon enough.

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I really digged the concept, it reminded me a little bit of cyberdreams, but that one was more puzzle based, map is a bit short but i guess that was just perfect for the contest stream

Great work man, i really liked it

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@Terminus Yeah it seemed to work out. I started to feel a little bad when he was struggling with the Arch-Viles, but, 3 seemed like the perfect number while I was playtesting - not impossible, but still hectic enough to get the sweats going.


@DMPhobos Thanks for the comment! Originally, it was going to be almost twice the length, and I ended up stripping away a number of rooms/scenarios (trimming the fat, essentially). I figured in the event that people hated the concept, or the execution, the saving grace would be to end the map before I beat the idea to death. I've started tinkering around with a second map however, and this one will most likely be longer. And, actually, so far this one feels even more inspired by Cyberdreams, so hopefully that's a good thing and not a bad thing!

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I can't say I enjoyed it a whole lot, since the gameplay isn't my cup of tea. My heart was racing by the time I got to the end :P

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4 hours ago, KVELLER said:

My heart was racing by the time I got to the end

I guess that was the author's intention for this map :)

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@Walter confetti Thank you, kind sir!


@KVELLER I appreciate the honesty! Getting the ole heart racing was definitely the core of the idea, but I absolutely understand where you're coming from. Personally, I'm a huge fan of games like Amnesia, SOMA, and Outlast, and always wanted to create a doom WAD based on that concept. That style of gameplay is certainly a niche, however, and I figured just as much that an attempt to re-create that experience for an action-packed shooter would see only a handful of people who found it enjoyable, and not just frustrating, haha. Thank you for trying it out, though!


@StormCatcher.77 Wow, thank you! In all sincerity, I didn't enter this map with any hopes of winning, I genuinely just wanted to watch Joel sweat and panic a little. I really appreciate the kind words, though. I'm really looking forward to seeing your submission, after getting a glimpse of those screenshots you posted in the "Who is entering the contest this year?" thread - those screens looked delicious! And I have to say, there's been a bundle of very strong maps already, it's been exciting to watch. Really, really loved @DMPhobos's Arctic Base - it had brilliant atmosphere, the layout and architecture were detailed and immersive and yet, really highlighted the cadence of the original, Doom 1 Phobos maps, which I adore. And that Arch-Vile interaction... with the dramatic shift in atmosphere to accompany the dread of the whole scenario - beautiful.  

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3 hours ago, RonnieJamesDiner said:

I genuinely just wanted to watch Joel sweat and panic a little.

It really worked well since in the end since, it made an entertaining watch on stream

I'm glad you liked my map, i really appreciate those comments. Im planing to release a better version of it once the contest is over

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Unfortunately, I made my map in a hurry, and afterwards from I had a long period of constant workload, because of what I did not have time to fix the bugs on the map. And there are a lot of them. Some of them are very lousy (for example, temporarily immortal monsters and corpses flying in the air) ... because, I also do not hope for prizes. I hope that it will be fun to watch ...

And yes, Arctic Base is really strong pretender to win. For some reason it was reminded me one map for Quake 2 with same name. Frost + steel = cool stuff, as always :3

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On ‎5‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 11:45 AM, DMPhobos said:

Im planing to release a better version of it once the contest is over


@DMPhobos I'd love to see what you could do with that theme stretched over a few maps!


On ‎5‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 6:48 PM, StormCatcher.77 said:


(for example, temporarily immortal monsters and corpses flying in the air) ...


@StormCatcher.77 In Joel's infamous "GLITCH OR FEATURE?" fashion, I have to say, indestructible demons and flying corpses sound like an amazing feature LOL! Glitches or no glitches, I'm sure the map is still the cat's pajamas, after seeing your submission last year (er, 2016, whatever it was).


@qbradq Well, my dear sir, I'm going to go out on a limb and say ... I don't think you enjoyed it very much. I got the sense that you would have preferred at least two Cyberdemons at the beginning, with tighter corridors, haha. No... all jokes aside, I appreciate you taking the time to review the map! A fair assessment, all around. It made me realize a few things that I should have specified, namely, that when I was making it/testing it, I was always running OpenGL, and always using free mouselook, which seemed to make it a little easier to avoid rockets in a split second around hairpin turns at mach speed. That said, the map is still a pain in the arse. And, in the future, I will absolutely specify in bold letters in the main post that this is a survival-themed map with NO WEAPONS, based on split-second timing and execution! The point you made regarding 45 degree turns is duly noted, as well, and I appreciate that. 


Either way, I loved the review! It was the response I was expecting from the bulk of the doom community, haha, given the fact that - as you rightfully distinguished - doom is a fast-paced, first-person SHOOTER. I may or may not also enjoy torturing players with unnecessary dramatic encounters... sorry about that :P 


But, I'm already knee-deep into a second installment of the Quick and the Dead, so I'll be ruining peoples' days again, real soon :D       

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