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Devil's Corridors.

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Just recorded a video, I'll upload it and edit my post once its up (Gameplay only, no commentary) 

Things I'd like to point out - Midi was cool, gave the map a nice feel. Architecture was nice, textures all matched and made a cohesive design.
One thing I didn't like so much was the enemy ammo ratio. I played on UV and was constantly short on ammo and health, I don't know how I even survived towards the end. More ammo would be nice. But maybe I'm also just bad, I wasn't playing too good I'll admit that.

All that being said I did enjoy this map, good job :)

EDIT - Heres the video -  The quality is terrible due to my internet being pretty slow, so I rendered the footage to downscale the file size


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13 hours ago, Bushpig2dope said:

I played on UV and was constantly short on ammo and health

It was also my case, I played Tyson style at some points (and I should play like this more often), it was a fun experience though, and I liked the texturing. Good job, keep going.


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