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A Nobody

Special Thanks/What's Your Player Skin?

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My player skin is finally set up. All it needs is a little fixing on the face and arm. After that, I can finally play Strife with it! I'd like to thank SuperCupcakeTactics and Xyzzy01 so much for editing the skin for me. They did amazing, and they're wonderful editors.


So I'm wondering, what player skin do you all use when playing Doom? You can show an image of it if you want. Mine is the one shown on my profile pic. =)

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I've used my own player skins basically - I've switched between using Bill and Lance from my Contra 3 skins episodically going through the Doom Core Trilogy, and I recently played through Alien Vendetta using my other Contra skin of Ray Poward. I've already gone through some stuff with my first player skin I created which was Wolf O'Donnell, and more recently played an episode using Juno. Here are some screens for reference:












I also really enjoy Doomshack's use of 60skins.wad on their ZDaemon servers so I enjoy using a lot of different ones from there like Duke Nukem, Doomguy shotgunner, BJ Blazkowicz, etc...

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1 hour ago, Bushpig2dope said:

Did you make this? Pretty damn good


I can't take credit for it.  It was made by @TeamTNS specifically for that weekly event.


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3 hours ago, DaIcemann76 said:


I can't take credit for it.  It was made by @TeamTNS specifically for that weekly event.


It's really nice. :)

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