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6th scale Doom Marine action figure

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So, did anybody around here actually manage to get their paws on one of these? I kept checking the Bethesda site for the last two years and all it would ever say was "PRE-ORDER" and yet not offer anywhere you could actually order the item from. Not long after they were first supposed to have become available, I found that they were being offered all over eBay at as much as twice the MSRP by a bunch of Taiwanese 0-star accounts with no prior sales, so, I assume Bethesda just let them all get sniped up by implementing absolutely no order limits or other mechanisms for making sure their loyal fans could actually get a fair shot at the item.


They more recently became available on another toy site, sans the "exclusive" chainsaw but for nearly the same price, but same deal there - only as a "pre-order" item which stated your order could be canceled if you weren't fast enough. I didn't bite and now those are all gone as well, in less than a month from the supposed "go live". The whole thing is really a big scam to me. Why don't they just cut out the middle men and send their whole stock straight to the Taiwanese scalpers if they're only really interested in selling stuff to them anyways?


If anybody has one, I'd love to have some pics for the wiki, naturally. And on the off chance you somehow have extras to sell, I might be interested ;)  I had planned to pose him next to my revenant statue with chainsaw in hand, but not much chance of that now.

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Wait is this really a thing? I never heard of or seen this. I'm a huge figure/bust/statue nerd, and this is something that I would simply have to have if it exists!!

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No, it can't be real. It doesn't say Doom Slayer. :P



Nah, I'm just kidding.

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Wow, that's awesome. I seriously want one. It would look good next to my Doom posters.

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On 4/25/2018 at 6:41 PM, Quasar said:

It's definitely real. This is the info sheet for it:




Can you buy each of them seperately, or do we have to buy the entire collection?

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On eBay, for about 350 or more bucks, plus shipping from Taiwan. Because that's where 99% of them ended up.

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