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Doom Slayer Chronicles

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How were you able to get Doom 3 enemies into Gzdoom? I have seen them in Doomsday because that port supports MD5 models but I thought they were too complex for the MD3's currently only supported by Gzdoom.

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This looks amazing, I love what I'm seeing so far and I can't wait to try this, Nice work.

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All textures in project are original.
I draw them during the mapping.
But there are some DH-BPR refactored by myself DOOM textures.
Some textures i made from my own photos of nature and architectural objects.

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On 4/16/2018 at 11:26 PM, bifurcator said:

This game looks like it would work great with D4T :D


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Very nice work! I can't wait to play this and watch my computer die from all the rendering. Appears that you got the PBR working properly, while I have an issue with mine.

I've had PBR stuff working for a while within GZDoom, but for some reason they won't render normal maps properly. For example, the specular map works just fine, but there isn't any shading on the normals. The intensity and the 'formation' of the normal map works, but it won't render any shadow-like shading to it. I've looked into it a lot and discovered that only certain dynamic lights are able to render the shading properly, and so far it works with the vanilla Candelabra entity's dynamic light. Every other light doesn't do it properly. I'm wondering if there's a fix for this, and wondering if someone who's familiar with this could help me with it. Thanks!

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Doom Slayer Chronicles getting closer to release

Release date of Doom Slayer Chronicles is scheduled for fall 2018 For now the project is 100% complete.

Final testing and bug fixing are in progress.


Due to the high system requirements of DSC, there is an idea to release project with 3 texture packs.

1. DSC Material Pack. Set of materials for the DSC original high resolution textures.

2. Low Res Texture Pack. Original textures of the DSC downsampled to the native Doom resolution.

3. Low Res Material Pack. Set of materials in native Doom resolution.

The distributive of DSC will include high-resolution textures (x4 of the Doom standard) without defined materials.

For maximum image quality please launch DSC+DSCmaterialPack For old hardware owners It's recommended to run DSC+LowResTexturePack with optional +LowResMaterialPack.

Leave your opinion about the relevance of different resolution texture packs in the comments at:


Your opinion is important to us!

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Oh yes, since I only have a potato laptop at the moment, I would wholeheartedly support different texture options. Additionally I usually like the low-res texture look even more than the high res textures. Other than that, this stuff looks amazing and I can't wait to try it.

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Hi there!

We are glad to announce that DSC release date is scheduled for September 1, 2018!

In response to many questions, we present this video that demonstrates DSC's compatibility with many popular mods.

If there are no your favorite mod is in this video - it does not mean that it is not compatible with DSC.

It is not possible to check compatibility with all mods.


But we tried to make the DSC as compatible as possible with any mod you like.

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