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Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

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3 hours ago, elmle said:


UV Max in 9:22 (two secrets are skipped)


This level gave me a lot of trouble, either I died in the first 10 seconds or I find out an enemy got lost somewhere after 10 minutes.

This route is sensational, I completely discarded what you did in the first two minutes. Then it's getting rocket launcher and BFG very, very late, is it really the fastest way? Looks like maybe it is as the time is very good and the level is a pain to max indeed.

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@vdgg I'm no expert on routing so there's probably a better way to do it, this was just the first one that came to mind(that evolved slightly after some attempts).

This was the least amount of backtracking I could think of besides getting the secret behind the cyberdemon, which I wouldn't wanna do late in the map since you only get one attempt at getting on top of that switch.

I got the BFG late because there aren't many places where it could be used effectively and you need to press the switch in the room with the red bricks to access it, I also picked up every single cell in the map and ended with 18.

As for the rocket launcher, you could get it earlier but most areas are quite small and there is limited ammo.

I accidentally missed 2 rocket packs next to the blue key that would have helped a bit with the barons at the end.

Another thing you could do is skip the yellow key at the start and get that when you're heading for the exit.


Basically I didn't think too much about the route before doing the run, now I have dissected it and I see some possibilites.

I think I've had enough of the map for now though.

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