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Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

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Maximum Psychosis UV Max in 0:20

Maximum Psychosis UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:05

Maximum Psychosis UV Stroller in 0:10

Maximum Psychosis NM Speed in 0:05

Maximum Psychosis UV Fast in 0:18

Maximum Psychosis UV Respawn in 0:20

Maximum Psychosis UV Tyson in 0:29


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What's worse than a bunch of Nazis? Yes, a bunch of respawning Nazis!


Just one demo this time, but it involved some effort:

Return to Castle Wolfenstein (doom2 ver)  by Norman Scott and Tim Scott:

Map09 UV Respawn in 2:50 r2c9r250.zip  (yeah, in the one run where most things went decently I cocked up the key grab)


Respawn is a fun category. The world needs more Respawn demos!

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wadodeth UV Max in 0:28

wadodeth UV Speed/Pacifist in 0:07

wadodeth NM Speed in 0:07

wadodeth UV Fast in 0:28

wadodeth UV Respawn in 0:28

wadodeth UV Tyson in 0:39

wadodeth UV Stroller in 0:12


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pet.zip (pet2.wad) E1M1 UV Max in 0:48

pet.zip (pet2.wad) E1M1 UV Speed in 0:12

pet.zip (pet2.wad) E1M1 NM Speed in 0:12

pet.zip (pet2.wad) E1M1 NM100S in 0:22

pet.zip (pet2.wad) E1M1 UV Fast in 0:40

pet.zip (pet2.wad) E1M1 UV Respawn in 0:39

pet.zip (pet2.wad) E1M1 UV Pacifist in 0:13

pet.zip (pet2.wad) E1M1 UV Tyson in 0:54

pet.zip (pet2.wad) E1M1 UV Stroller in 0:22


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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Revved said:

pet.zip (pet2.wad) E1M1 UV Max in 0:48

1 missed monster (also in Fast and Tyson). It is killable, albeit a pain to do so.


Edited by Grazza

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Grazza linked this on the first page, don't know where he got it from but it isn't on idgames.


Episode 1 UV Speed in 15:13

E1M1 UV Speed in 0:56

E1M1 UV Max in 1:52

E1M2 UV Speed in 1:36

E1M2 UV Max in 4:17

E1M3 UV Speed in 0:47

E1M3 UV Max in 2:45

E1M4 UV Speed in 1:37

E1M4 UV Max in 4:52

E1M5 UV Speed in 0:48

E1M5 UV Max in 7:35

E1M6 UV Speed in 2:30

E1M6 UV Max in 8:09

E1M7 UV Speed in 3:05

E1M7 UV Max in 9:25

E1M8 UV Speed in 4:35

E1M8 UV Max in 10:52

E1M9 UV Speed in 2:20

E1M9 UV Max in 9:06


Demos: jcm1.zip

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16 minutes ago, elmle said:



Grazza linked this on the first page, don't know where he got it from but it isn't on idgames.

Nice to see some action on this wad. I presume I downloaded it many years ago from the CompuServe Action Games Forum (it was kind of the Doomworld of the mid-1990s). It was on the area of my hard-disk where I put such things.


Here is some stuff of variable quality and funniness...

RAGE DOOM ver. 2.0 by Dan Krempel

E1M1 UV Speed in 0:34 ra11-034.zip

E1M1 UV Max in 1:24 ra11-124.zip

E1M2 UV Speed in 0:58 ra12-058.zip

E1M2 UV Max in 1:55 ra12-155.zip

E1M3 UV Speed in 0:30 ra13-030.zip (unkeyed door)

E2M9 NM Speed/Pacifist in 0:16 ra29n016.zip (S50 jump)

E3M1 UV Speed in 0:35 ra31-035.zip

E3M1 UV Pacifist in 0:53 ra31p053.zip

E3M8 UV Pacifist in 4:25 ra38p425.zip (definitely the funniest, and most interesting - stuck masterminds, a baron wearing kevlar, and frogmarching a baron, etc.)

E3M9 UV Speed in 0:46 ra39-046.zip (there's a wahooey area where I just memorized a sequence)


In case anyone is interested in recording on this wad, I should mention that my old "UV Speed" on E1M8 is actually a UV Max (= UV Speed on this map, short of anyone finding a truly outstanding trick).

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Posted (edited)

4shock said deathmatch wads are admissible as long as they have a semblance of sp gameplay so I guess this should count then...



Pacifist in 0:08.49

NM Speed in 0:08.26




Edited by Keyboard_Doomer

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More JCM1, this time on Nightmare!

22 hours ago, elmle said:


E1M1 NM Speed in 0:58

E1M2 NM Speed in 1:53

E1M3 NM Speed in 0:51

E1M4 NM Speed in 1:47

E1M5 NM Speed in 0:55

E1M6 NM Speed in 2:37

E1M7 NM Speed in 4:33

E1M9 NM Speed in 2:26


It seems map 8 is impossible on nightmare since the barons are so far from each other.

I included a bonus ghosts glitch demo that happened while testing map 8, maybe someone will find that amusing.



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Posted (edited)

Baubles and Christmas hats!

XMAS / DOOM by Various

Map01 UV Pacifist in 0:28 xdm1p028.zip (nice monster cooperation)

Map02 UV Pacifist in 1:14 xdm2p114.zip (the most challenging of the three)

Map03 UV Pacifist in 1:17 xdm3p117.zip


In Prboom-plus, you'll need to use "deusf -app sprites.wad" to see all the Xmas stuff correctly.


Edited by Grazza

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On 4/27/2018 at 2:48 AM, elmle said:


This is some serious doom 1 slaughter.

The author claims that nightmare is impossible, anyone wanna prove them wrong?

NM-Speed in 0:45.


Enjoy the run, I guess, because I sure didn't.


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Haha, I considered giving that one a go, decided it would be no fun and instead found a Pacifist that kicked my ass for a couple of hours before I gave up on it.

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Never have I been more glad that none of my crap from 1994 is still extant :)

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Damn @4shockblast that sure beats my uv run by 40 seconds, I guess you didn't have any time to do it safely :D


Anyway, here is a big 'un:


On 5/9/2018 at 10:26 AM, elmle said:





E1M1 NM100s in 0:58

E1M2 NM100s in 2:05

E1M3 NM100s in 0:53

E1M4 NM100s in 1:56

E1M5 NM100s in 1:11

E1M6 NM100s in 3:28

E1M7 NM100s in 4:24

E1M9 NM100s in 3:30




E2M1 UV Speed 0:54

E2M1 UV Max in 5:04

E2M2 UV Speed 0:32

E2M2 UV Max in 4:59

E2M3 UV Speed 0:19

E2M3 UV Max in 4:58

E2M4 UV Speed 0:38

E2M4 UV Max in 2:47

E2M5 UV Speed 1:35

E2M5 UV Max in 5:34

E2M6 UV Speed 1:21

E2M6 UV Max in 4:46

E2M7 UV Speed 1:29

E2M7 UV Max in 4:37

E2M8 UV Speed 0:39

E2M8 UV Max in 2:43

E2M9 UV Speed 0:58

E2M9 UV Max in 4:51



Out of these two episodes E2M8 is a clear favorite, time for nightmare I suppose.

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Assorted stuff:

PJS01.WAD by Patrick Steele; UV Max in 2:07 pjs1-207.zip

Field of Screams by Robin Andrews; UV Pacifist in 2:41 screp241.zip

The Building by Nick Paske; UV Pacifist in 0:07 bldgp007.zip

Paint the town red by Nick Paske; UV Pacifist in 0:26 twn4p026.zip

Cliffs11.WAD by Karl Romike; Nightmare! Speed in 0:16 clifn016.zip

Cliffs11.WAD by Karl Romike; UV Stroller in 0:37 clifs037.zip

Security to the Bidet! by Arthur Young; UV Speed in 2:08 scum-208.zip

BLASFEMIA, L'EXODE DELS DEUS blasphem.zip by Byte & Byte Associats; UV Pacifist in 1:06 blasp106.zip


Gah, making the txts and posting all that was more work than recording them.

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Posted (edited)

MANiFEST A DooM ][ Level made from scratch


MAP01 UV max in 2:15

MAP01 UV speed in 1:01 (tried to going pacifist here but i had to kill some monster for reach the red keycard)






(i know, with this map is kinda cheating since it shows its DM traits on layout and gameplay, but it have monsters and 2 way to exit the map, one in SP, the other on coop, so I think it's legit)


E2M1 pacifist in 0:11

E2M1 stroller in 0:16




Edited by Walter confetti : Bad grammar

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Grease UV Max in 0:27

Grease UV Stroller in 0:18

NJDoom E3M1 UV Max in 1:43

TNCross2 NM Speed in 0:00

TNCross2 UV Stroller in 0:01

TNCross2 UV Tyson in 0:45

fy1a E1M1 UV Fast in 0:47

fy1a E1M1 NM Speed in 0:27

fy1a E1M1 UV Pacifist in 0:28

fy1a E1M1 UV Stroller in 0:55


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Comin at ya with some JCM2 Nightmare!


E2M1 NM Speed in 1:01

E2M2 NM Speed in 0:34

E2M3 NM Speed in 0:19

E2M4 NM Speed in 0:41

E2M5 NM Speed in 1:44

E2M6 NM Speed in 1:46

E2M7 NM Speed in 1:41

E2M8 NM Speed in 0:37

E2M9 NM Speed in 0:54


I actually beat my UV time on M8 and M9, I think double ammo helped with that.


E2M2 NM100s in 1:37

E2M3 NM100s in 0:39

E2M4 NM100s in 0:45

E2M5 NM100s in 2:17

E2M6 NM100s in 2:47

E2M7 NM100s in 1:48



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Terror Mall! v1.0 by David G Shrock (use the text deh - tmall.deh - from tmalldeh.zip)

E3M1 Pacifist in 0:27 tma1p027.zip

E3M9 Pacifist in 0:58 tma9p058.zip

E3M8 Speed in 1:08 tma8-108.zip


Terror Mall! v2.0 for Doom II by David G Shrock (use the text deh - tmall2.deh - from tmalldeh.zip)

Map14 UV Pacifist in 0:28 tm14p028.zip

Map15 UV Pacifist in 0:51 tm15p051.zip

Map32 UV Pacifist in 0:34 tm32p034.zip

Map16 UV Pacifist in 0:11 tm16p011.zip


With the above two wads, if you see breakable glass and trees firing at you (and when they "die" a marine falls out of the tree), then it is working correctly.


TheKeep2 by Norman Scott

UV Pacifist in 0:13 thkpp013.zip

NM Speed/Pacifist in 0:12 thkpn012.zip (no points for this, since the map is = E3M2 in Wadpak3)


Processing Plant by Curtis Turner II

UV Pacifist in 1:25 procp125.zip


WOP Hall Of Monsters by Baluk/WOP

UV Pacifist in 2:00 wophp200.zip


ASDOOM by Andy Sheppard

Map01 UV Pacifist in 0:36 a1s1p036.zip

Map02 UV Pacifist in 0:56 a1s2p056.zip

Map03 UV Pacifist in 1:40 a1s3p140.zip

Map04 UV Pacifist in 0:44 a1s4p044.zip



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1 hour ago, 4shockblast said:

Misses a secret.

The secret that I missed is on a sector that's way too thin for it to register. The sector that registers as a secret is right between the teleporter in that secret and the door that opens up to it. Since the player ends up getting elevated onto the teleporter before stepping on the actual secret sector, I decided not to go for it. Trust me, I've checked, and not even the most minute key presses will register it. The Warrens-esque revisiting of that level on E3M9 doesn't even tag it as a secret either, so I think the mapmaker realized his mistake there.


Hence, I believe it should be valid since 3/4 secrets are the maximum obtainable secrets on this map.

Edited by Revved

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