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Captain Red


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I've been wondering for some time now what the UAC Dropships metioned in the story would look like if id had bothered to include them. I'd imaged something along the lines of the drop ships in Aliens... What I am asking for is somebody to submit a drawing of one or suggestions of what one might look like ect. I ask because I'm working on yet another wad for ZdoomGL, and I Wanted to make A MD2 Dropship, and after try a few designs of my owns, I realized that I sucked at it.


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Heh, well, I'm not all that great at designing ships (my forté is characters), but what I always had in mind was something that would remind me of a large, airborn version of an APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier, an armoured vehicle to transport troops around in.

Not a very large spacecraft though (more like a bigger landing craft), since I imagine that it's not meant to travel too great distances.

Nah, I wouldn't be ideal for designing that ship.

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