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freedoom update

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Its possible despayre.ath.cx's DNS record is out of date or something, I expect it will only be temporary.

Erm I don't want to raise the thread temperature too much, but could people who are interested in contributing read carefully what this project actually is, then we'll have less 'are we replacing the monsters' 'are the levels going to be based on originals' 'are we using the shareware resources' style questions.

Actually I've just learnt that arioch has bought a new domain and dumped the old one.

http://fraggle.despayre.ath.cx/ should now be

and likewise for other despayre accounts, e.g. the ftp

so to make things easier:

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Thanks for the uploading info. I have 2 ready to go, and I am planning on doing another. And I was wondering why the freedoom page wasn't working.... ah problem solved!

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