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V8 Killer

Need a .JPG designed for me, willing to pay!

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Hey Guys,

I have the need for a Doom or Quake .jpg designed for me for personal use. I haven't decided exactly on which way to go but I'm leaning towards Doom.

Either way, I need a custom color graphic somewhat similar to the ones that are being posted here. I have ideas in my mind of what I want but I have to be the least artistic person on this planet, so I need some assistance.

If anyone is interested please e-mail me at sales@mvpmotorsports.com and if you have a couple of samples of your work please attach them.

As mentioned in my Subject I'm willing to pay someone a reasonable fee for their help, I understand time is money.



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Hmm, jpg.
Tough one - my paint program is an old one that doesn't support jpg :-(

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Technically it doesn't have to be a .JPG
Its not going on the internet or anything like that so I don't care a whole lot what kind of file it is as long as I can see it. :-)



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