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Here are some good programs you can use for creating PBR textures

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With the recent addition of PBR texture support for Gzdoom (or should we just call it Qzdoom at this point?) there have been lots of people asking how to make PBR textures, and so I thought it would be a nice to create a thread listing some of the useful software that can be used to create such materials. Here are some recommendations:


Adobe photoshop




Useful for:


-Creating color/defuse maps

-General texture creation purposes


Photoshop is probably the single most famous photo editing app and I assume most of you know what it is. it's also difficult to beat it when it comes to creating color/defuse textures, and odds are that most of your texturing work will take place inside of photoshop.






Useful for:


-Creating normal and AO maps without 3D modeling


Quixel is actually an add-on for photoshop rather than a standalone tool. With it you can use photoshop to create normal and AO maps without the need for 3D modeling software.



Substance designer




Useful for:


-Material creation

-Producing certain types of textures quickly


Substance designer is a node based texture and material creation tool that allows you to create full PBR materials without the need for a 3D modeling program. Unlike Quixel however everything is created by using a node based interface and this comes with both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that this makes it extremely fast to produce some types of materials that otherwise would be more annoying to make purely by hand. The disadvantage is that this also means creating very complicated textures can be a pain since literally everything is created via nodes and not by hand like in a app such as quixel.




Hope this is useful :)




EDIT: For some reason an extra quixel icon appears at the bottom of the post and I can't get rid of it.

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