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Mutilate the Wicked (level VANILLA)

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I don't get it. After the opener you either win or die. How do I play the rest of the level?

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- The armor secret has five additional sectors tagged by mistake. 

- The SSG should be a given weapon after the imps at the start. With it being so out of the way, most possible paths through the map will result in clearing out 20000 HP worth of monsters with the single shotgun, which doesn't increase the actual difficulty given how freely you can retreat from such areas, just makes it take longer.

- Even with the SSG, the 'hallway clearing' element would still be a lot. All the imps in the 64-wide brown brick areas don't really do much imo. You could redistribute a decent amount of the monster count to more open areas. The start could easily host 50+ more imps. 

- Rockets and plasma are surprisingly stingy prior to the exit. Again, ends up mandating more tedious shotgun use. 

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