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More wild speculation about the future of Doom modding

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A few thoughts about how the community might evolve during the next 15-20 years:


• The sequel to Doom '16 has a far more robust editor, with a "pro" mode that gives experienced users additional modules to work with, which could be adjusted in a very algorithmic way, allowing for new materials, props and architecture to be generated with ease.


• This same editor pioneers the development of a much larger SnapMap community, which is taken more seriously by the OG Doom community.


• Economic paradigm shifts make it easier for large, global teams to create extensive, professional grade mods, and even get paid for it.


• Because of said shift, ambitious mods such as Doom Ascension, cart racing, voxels, HD sprites, large scale total conversions, etc., finally come to fruition.


• Another positive result is that mods take far less time to complete, particularly with the monetary incentive. A lofty project like Doom 3's Phobos would be completed in months, rather than years.


• Classic Doom modding enters the VR sphere as users create and modify content in a robust 3D (and possibly holographic, as an option) environment. Thought-based computing and gesturing is used in conjunction with a communal environment allowing for multiple users to work together simultaneously, in one gigantic virtual workspace.


• AI software reaches a level of complexity that it can beat not only the original Doom games, but some of the trickier user maps as well.


• Robots with advanced AI are able to physically play and beat Doom.


• AIs beat the top human players across all multiplayer Doom games.


• AIs build their own levels of increasing complexity as they gain understanding of level design, and even create their own textures, weapon mods and other unique details.


• Software with intuitive algorithms allow users to create mods with heavy AI assistance, like having an experienced modder working beside you.

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  • DOOM 2: Earth on Hell is released. With a more advanced Snapmap.
  • DOOM FINAL is released. It is actually two games which run on the same engine as DOOM 2 and each game was a very ambitious Snapmap project.
  • DOOM420 is released for the current Nintendo console. It is more atmospheric and horror themed than the previous games but still has the same gameplay.
  • The source code for DOOM and DOOM 2:Earth on Hell is made public
  • DOOM 3 is released. It is even more horror focused. It is poorly received compared to previous DOOM games
  • DOOM Builder is released.
  • The new Doom community gets so big, they make their own forum: DOOMWorld.
  • A new Doom game with more DOOM focused game-play but retro art-style called Doom is rele- Wait
  • About 25 years after DOOMworld is founded, a user makes a thread titled, "More wild speculation about the future of DOOM modding"

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PC Speaker Sound effects will make a comeback, and GZDoom will follow suit by adding a PC Speaker mode and having it as the default.

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Repucussions of Evil gets turned into a mod which gets the attention of Marty Stratton who turns it into a full blown game that will spawn several novels and an award winning movie directed by Ridley Scott.

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48 minutes ago, DoomGater said:

TeamTNT reunites and Return To Oblivion will be published 10th Dec. 2018!

I wish that would happen

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  • Game developers realize making games for DooM engine is very convenient
  • A blast of DooM-based games are released
  • 3D game development stops

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  • Odamex will be updated to V0.8 and then return to its stagnant development.
  • Zandronum 4.0 is out and is 10 years behind GZDoom.
  • A community project for Doom: Rampage Edition 2 is open, only for it to be cancelled the next day.
  • TNT 2: Devilution is still in development.
  • The Sky May Be 2 is released, but only runs on the Blessed Engine 2 which only runs on DOS.
  • The successor to OBLIGE has been updated to only support Wolfenstein 3D and only generates levels with square rooms that consist of 150 SS Officers.
  • A new official expansion for Doom 2 has been released but all levels only use basic Doom Builder textures. Embrace the STARTAN!
  • DOOM 3 is out with SnapMap V3.0, although it now takes 20 minutes to load a map even with the best hardware. 20 minutes to play a small cubic room is worth the wait!
  • Instead of featuring classic maps from Final Doom, DOOM 3 only has two classic maps, SEWERS.WAD and BETRAY.WAD, both played back and forth for a 12 hour session.
  • DOOM 4 enters development hell and no word of it has ever surfaced since then.

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I actually do want to see a more advanced SnapMap happen, SnapMap had a lot of potential and I was left both impressed yet also disappointed.


If SnapMap "2" were ever to come to fruition, I would like to see a more varied and broken down cell module selection that allowed styles and sets to be integrated almost perfectly with a dedicated module detail prefab selection that offers various selections of decoration sets (I.E a selection of barrel/crate placements/arrangements, placing each one is cumbersome and slow despite SnapMap being all about being streamlined mapping) that can be placed at a mapper's will throughout the map (rather than the single item placement/gameplay clutter module option system in play).


I would also like the addition of, a basic version at least, model modification for placed items/enemies (I.E editable colours, sizes, pitch/yaw, model variation like skins/damage ect), a higher active AI cap based on size/complexity/density of areas, the inclusion of functional boss monsters, marine AI (with friend/foe settings), the ability to import multiplayer games as "clips" which you can then edit the camera/effects for easy production of shitty frag montages and finally a dedicated Mars surface tileset.


I think I would like that, yeah that'd be nice.

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