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So, my Rockstar Socialclub account was hacked by a Russian

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Posted (edited)

Has this ever happened to anyone else here? If so, what did you do about it? 


I haven't used the socialclub for at least 2 and a half years, since GTA 5 came out on PC, and I never played on-line. But of course I had to create a socialclub account to play Max Payne 3 and GTA 5, I didn't like the idea at the time, but I went along with it.


Over the last few years, I've gotten a few promotional emails from Rockstar every few months, nothing big. Then two days ago I receive two emails from them, in Russian. Now Russian is not my native language, I live in the US, but I brushed it off as a possible glitch. I received two more emails today, in Russian, and I figured I should see what was going on. When I went to login, of course I couldn't remember my password, so I did a reset via email. Upon logging in, everything was in Russian, my nickname and avatar had been changed, there were new posts going back two weeks, the person had 10 friends, was a member of several heist teams, and all my original information was there... except in Russian. Original email address, date of birth, name.


I submitted a complaint via Rockstar support, using the 'legal' option, since my information has been compromised. I figured tagging it as "social club" would be a bit light. But I changed my password for the site to something completely unintelligible (and wrote it down of course), added secondary verification required via authorization through gmail, sent to my phone. So hopefully that stops that part. Also changed my passwords for both email addresses and steam, since my steam profile was accessible on the profile screen, although it's always been set to private. I'm just wondering how much information this fucker actually got access to. It doesn't seem like they were that bright, if they decided to turn on Rockstar email notifications and change the language from English to Russian, but who knows.


So anyway, anyone else here been hacked due to Rockstars complete lack of concern for the cess-pit that is GTA Online? 

Edited by Jello : Changed 'emailed' Rockstar, to using their support form

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If someone hacked my account they will only find a photo album with before and after death photos I took of prostitutes. In GTA, that is.


A funny thought.

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I logged into Epic Games for the first time in 3 years because my friend wanted me to play Fortnite. I played it for 30 seconds. Got shot... decided nope. Now every week Epic Games emails me saying someone tried to access my account, but they stopped them so I've been locked out for 2 hours. Its become the way I know its Monday.

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Ha. Yeah, it's not bugging me quite as much as it was. Except now I have a bunch of crap that that guy did in GTA online in my profile. A bunch of stupid pictures that'll take forever to go through and delete, a bunch of stats. Eh. I'm still just wondering how the hell they got in though if they didn't have access to my email to reset a password. Most of my passwords aren't (or at least haven't) been extremely strong, but they're relatively personalized, so it'd be hard to guess or even brute force. Oh well. In the end it's a problem with Rockstar in general and their laissez faire attitude towards security and hacking, and the kind of people GTA Online attracts. They play, hack, get banned, hack into another account, get banned, hack into another account. I'm just really impressed that my account wasn't just banned... I mean they had access for like 10 days, more than enough time to get it banned.

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Apparently, my previous computer was hacked into by the Russian Mafia of all groups (good thing I didn't have anything truly important on there!) Not sure why, if I'm honest. I'm just some random guy who plays games and occasionally writes rubbish.

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13 minutes ago, Poncho said:

and occasionally writes rubbish

You weren't aware that the Russian Mafia hates rubbish? Call them a group of bloodthirsty, soulless, conniving, greedy, murdering criminals if you want, but they're extremely well-read.

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