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Prevent Doom Builder 2 listing IWAD textures in PWADs?


Hi, everyone. Extremely long time lurker, first time poster.


My usual approach with Doom level creation is starting a new map, loading up several texture pack PWADs, and browsing until I get inspiration. Then I'll make the level, make note of the textures I actually used, and package them in the WAD with SLADE 3.


Doom Builder 2 has a bunch of default categories for IWAD textures, and then lists each texture PWAD below that. So I can click on, say, SuperMarioBros.wad or whatever, and I'll see some awesome 8-bit walls. Except for some reason, it'll also display all of the IWAD textures there as well, even though the IWAD textures aren't in the PWAD. It means that I often have to scroll down past the Ashwalls and everything before I actually find the new textures. If I'm using someone else's PWAD where all the new textures don't start with the same letter, it'll scatter them throughout the IWAD textures.


Is there any way to prevent this? I can already see the IWAD textures in their own categories, and don't see why they also need to display in every single PWAD listing. But I can't find any way to filter them out (except by name, and that usually doesn't work).

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Thanks for the screenshots. It helps me figure out that the behavior I'm seeing in my builder isn't normal.


That's exactly what I've been doing, except the "Available Textures" keeps displaying all of the Doom 2 textures alongside the PWAD textures. Maybe I messed up something in the game configuration file.


Anyway, much appreciated!

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