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Rush 2 (4 maps so far)

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Some highly unpolished UV-speeds for 01, 02, and 04. All were fun to do. 



As far as conventional play goes, 01 could use more cell ammo in the secret, perhaps.  


Edit: For completion, a UV-speed of 03 too. 




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here is a non-fast run of map 1 ru01-623.7z


Since I played this I might as well give my feedback, quite an interesting map with quite a few challenging area ,its probably impossible to finish the level without going through the secrets. Plasma gun ammo was not sufficient enough to kill the cyberdemon, so I either had to use my shotgun or rocket to finish him; although its challenging,  I did not really like that alot it forces you into a position to wait and hide. There is quite a bit of monsters puzzled and gathered up in one area , this means that in order to get a faster time you would have to hope they pile together in groups so that all the rocket damage can be effective , this means that this map quite luck based in particular. Good map ,had fun playing it :)

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Cool maps! prb -cl9 uv; first attempts first impressions

On 21.04.2018 at 7:40 PM, Archi said:

In this version first two maps seemed easy if play without rushing, all secrets here I did find along the way.

Map03 is where I began dying in the starting area due to a combination including such things as narrowness, archies, shells deficit and the missed secret. The 2 Impassable bloodfalls in the last room I didn't really understand and from the unavoidable trap in the center I couldn't get out since spent all my bullets before that part btw nice symbol at the exit.

Map04 is just amazing!

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Cool cool, glad you liked it!


I will have to update map03 at some point to contain more bullets and shell I guess since some people are losing them all before the part where shooting into the switch is required.

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