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Doom 64 versions official realese dates

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Hello to everyone

recently I saw on the internet that the Doom 64 first release on the 31th of march 97

but unfortunately I didn't see any reliable source (I searched multiple sites and saw different release dates) that marks the official release dates

for the first Ex version and the absolution version.

is there a chance anyone here remember when the first Ex version and the absolution version were release?



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27 minutes ago, Doom4Ever said:

should I reopen it in genral questions?

Don't double post please .


I tried to search any information about the original release of Doom.64 Ex and I didn't find an exact date , but in the Source forge page of the project , the oldest activity started the 19th of May of 2008 .

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unfortunately I already reopen it (I thought that in the worst case this topic will be closed anyway)

besides that I thought I get more comment if I will publish the topic on general questions.

anyway thanks for the help.



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When you post something in the wrong section, you should leave it there. Chances are a moderator will eventually see it and move it to where it should be (which is what happened here actually).

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