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"Eternal Nightmares" New proyect :D

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Posted (edited)

----<<22/05/2018 ":D">>---


Here show Map 21 :D


MAP 21 (Demo UV):


----<<17/05/2018 "Hello Doomers">>---



This is a small advance of what would be the map 10, if you ask, Why so ugly decoration? It is because the maps will have different themes and decorations.


Not all levels are going to be like this, others will have a better level of decoration. Later I will publish the most advanced levels. PD: the difficulty will change, that's why I publish the DEMO so that you can see a little advance of the wad. Greetings and have a nice day.


DEMO Map 10 (So hard? XD)



---<<13/05/2018 "Hello 😄">>---


This would be the progress of map 19 and complete 9 more maps, soon I will continue publishing more progress.


Editing : Zdoom (Doom in Hexen Format)
Test Ports : Only GZdoom for now ^^
Maps : 32
Game : Doom2
Jumping : No
crouching : No
Freelook : No
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Other game styles : No
Difficulty Settings : Yes
Anims : Yes
Description: The planet is in danger and the last man left standing will have the duty to defeat the monsters that attacked the planet, for that you will travel through all the galaxies in search of revenge.

Demo map 19 (so hard xD)


this is all for now 😄


---<< 03/05/2018  "Hi People">>---


I already complete almost 12 maps, they do not have many details since I am building the base first. Just accommodate the other maps publish the avanze.


*M_DOOM (they can change the images)


*And the TITLEPIC (they can change the images)






DEMO map 07: 

I leave some images of the part of Egypt. The levels will be set in different themes in which they will have between 3 and 5 levels.



Also change the STBAR. What do you think?


That is all for now. Have a nice day ^.^

---<< 24/04/2018  "Hi People">>---


WAD Advance: Read This


Hello people!


Now I will try to inform you every 1 week about the advance of wad. Here will have the first wad DEMO (with 4 levels), I would need your help to know if I need some detail to be polished on the maps later.


The Decorate and the MIDI can change later, make it pleasant to see maps.


**** I'm having problems with falling lava textures If any of you know why I'm told D': ****


This time it has no cover image, I'm working on that there are many things that will not see them here (I do not want to do spoilers ^.^)


PD: The midis can change to a future 


I found this forum and it seemed a very good way to keep this project alive that I decided to start.


Part the map 02:

Sorry for my bad english (i use google translator xD)



Edited by GhostPlayer : WAD Information!

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Posted (edited)
4 minutes ago, jerrysheppy said:

Looks very well textured!  When can we expect to be able to play this?  :)

Just complete 2 maps only. Put a date is difficult but just have 5 maps I can post a demo to play.


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this looks great! I am looking forward to play it :D

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Hi Doomers :D


--->> Map 18 <<---





-->> Maps Pics [30 - 26 - 27] <<--









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