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(Risen 3D) Some Features I'd Like in Risen 3D

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I'm posting this here because I'm dumb and gae.


So I just tried out the source port Risen 3D and downloaded all the extra juicy files they have for it on their website and I have to say it's pretty good, but some changes I'd like to recommend are:

*More graphic options like GZDoom

Like FXAA, AO, lens distortion, and bloom and the ability to change texture filtering modes.

*Different midi devices like OPL emulation

*Better animations and models

The animations for the default and Sitter/Abbs models are too slow and stiff.

*Better lighting

I know you can modify the lighting a bit in the options menu, but it's still not enough. The dynamic lighting looks cheap and everything seems too bright, but that can be fixed in the options like I said.


There's some more DANKASS shit I'd add/change, but I'm incredibly tired and too lazy to list them right now, they aren't as important to me as the other things I've listed. I'm not educated enough on this, but GZDoom has 3D model support and I think it has most of the features Risen 3D has, so maybe Risen is outdated and that's why it's under utilized?


What would you add or change to make this source port better?

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If you're looking for a source port aiming for realistic graphics you should try Doomsday, Risen3D split off of it years ago. While Risen3D has better support for Doom maps, Doomsday all around just looks better. Of course this is all just preference...

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