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Messing Around with the Game Genie/Mario 3 (Video)

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"Way back in the early days of YouTube, I found channels like Creepingnet and RupeeClock which would sometimes showcase hilarious/absurd Game Genie codes for SMB3. I would mess with these codes for hours on end, changing them around, combining them, etc. I recently stumbled upon an old document from 2010 containing a whole bunch of codes, it immediately piqued my interest and then this video happened."


I figured some of you might enjoy this one, I know we have a few other glitch-aficionados around here. The results are crazy, especially when you combine / alter the codes - I find taking the first 3 letters of one code and stitching it onto the last 3 letters of another code often results in sheer insanity, or sometimes simply altering one or two of the letters of the code is enough to have bizarre effects. There's one in particular in this video that alters the properties of all the background tiles, it adds such a strange but enjoyable layer of challenge!

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