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Can SLADE generate Raven-style colormaps?


I recently discovered a way to hack together a colormap that preserves the saturation of colors, like Heretic/Hexen colormaps do. So I'm fine on that front, no help needed there. My question is: does SLADE (or some other editing program) have an option to automate it? 

Because as far as I know, the only automated colormap action I found in SLADE is to fade it to straight black, Doom-style, which sometimes creates quite disgusting, washed-out color fades. Compare:




If in fact it does have a Raven-style colormap option that I somehow missed, then great. If it does not, I'd be more than glad to make a tutorial on how to do the colormaps my way (unless there already is one). Just need to know whether it'd be unnecessary and a waste of time, or actually useful.

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No, sorry. I don't know how Raven generated their colormap, whether it was a simple program like for Doom or they made it by hand. Best I can tell, it seems it restricts the colormap color matching to within a palette range, which would require being able to tell where a palette range begins and ends (harder to write than it seems) or using hardcoded bounds (much simpler, but less elegant I think).

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I see. I can write up a tutorial then.


I do hope it gets implemented at some point tho, manually splicing the colormaps together is fun but it gets a bit tedious.

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