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Cyberdemon vs Maledict

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Without going ahead and necro-bumping that other thread, I'm inclined to believe the Maledict would defeat the Cyberdemon. With his ability to fly, the Maledict already has an advantage over the Cyberdemon in terms of mobility. Then again, the Cyberdemon has his rocket launcher, but the Maledict could easily dodge them.

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1.JPG.3e300e88cf950fe263c16629f3d3302c.JPG                                                                           2.JPG.d0d3223a18baf6e8f8f316f6dc144d91.JPG



Courtesy of the Doom Wiki.


The Cyberdemon cannot be killed by any other weapon other than the Soul Cube, and the Maledict takes damage from any weapon. 

Nothing can beat the Cyberdemon, except the person wielding the Soul Cube.

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Wait. The Cyberdemon can only be harmed by the soul cube, yes. But Maledict's meteor attacks can kill you even when you're using the Artifact, which otherwise grants you invulnerability. Maybe those meteors can also damage the Cyberdemon.


I think, with a bit of effort, you can pit them against each other in an actual Doom 3 map. Of course it's possible the cyber is still invincible to all of Maledict's attacks, but for the sake of experimentation, make him vulnerable to some of them.


Looking at stats, it seems the Cyberdemon would lose. I wonder how would it be if the Cyberdemon used your rockets...

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Let's ignore the soulcube like the OP wants, because it's a cop out and also because it could make some actual bloody sense: Just because doom 3 calls the cybie "Hell's mightiest warrior" it doesn mean Hell itself lacks the means to kill it.


The way I remember it, Maledict was more difficult to beat than the cyberdemon from the player's perspective. Even if you didn't need the soulcube, but rather had to kill cybie "conventionally", the odds of getting wrecked by the cybie were pretty much nonexistent in spite of all the fodder that was around. The cybie fight in Doom 3 is a huge disappointment as far as I'm concerned. Maledict however would become a problem if you ran out of resources for the artifact, and health pickups, for that matter.


The cybie is slow, and its attacks are predictable. Therefore it seems reasonable enough to conclude that Maledict is more likely to inflict damage to begin with, doubly so in this matchup, since the cybie is a much wider target, which means it would get hit by the meteor rain much more often than players would, also including direct hits. To make matters worse for the cybie, the meteor attack is the only situation in which the cybie is able to hit Maledict reliably with a volley of rockets to begin with, to which you also need to add the factor that the cybie does not move while shooting, making it even more of an easy target. And since we're ignoring the soulcube, we might as well ignore the demon heart as well.


That being said, there is no doubt in my mind that Maledict would win this matchup each and every time. TL;DR: Higher HP, better odds of inflicting damage and a smaller likelyhood to get hit make this a clear case from my point of view.

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If I remember correctly, I actually died to Maledict a few times, whereas I defeated the Cyber on my first try. It's an epic experience if you are unfamiliar with the Cyber reveal (when I first saw the size and scope of it in person, I was blown away), but the actual fight is kind of weak. Maledict would totally win.

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On 6/7/2018 at 3:55 PM, wheresthebeef said:

Why does the Cyberdemon have health if he can't be killed by conventional means?

I assume it's health is 4 times the cube damage.

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