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Looking for opinions on my map

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Here's a map I just finished, called Power Station. I've worked on it in small amounts since July, and did most of the map over the last week. It was originally just meant to be a techbase map, but I ended up making a large Inferno/Thy Flesh Consumed (mostly the latter) inspired area into the map. So far I've only publicly released maps for community projects (Mostly to FDTWID), so I'd really like to hear what people have to say about my maps, including criticism. Tips to improve would be greatly appreciated.


For Doom 2, Map01










Also for fun, Here's a map I finished about two years ago. It's a city style map, and the last map I made before I started publicly releasing anything. I'm not looking for critique as much on this one, since I know I my mapping has improved a bit since then; like I said this one's more for fun. For Doom 2, map12.



EDIT: Both maps are vanilla, and tested with Chocolate Doom.






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I played this on Crispy on Ultra-Violence. This is solid stuff. I liked your subtle/not-so-subtle nods to Perfect Hatred, Sever the Wicked, and Against Thee Wickedly (and others?) 


As far as flow, I liked how the key doors were set up so that you didn't have to backtrack. I liked the beginning part with some different paths. I did not love how the E4 part got you the blue key. I think there are bars there at first and a switch somewhere (no idea which one) lowers them. I really had no idea what any of the switches was doing in the E4 area. Eventually I randomly went over there and there was the blue key. I'm guessing paying a little bit more attention would have made it more obvious, but alas, I didn't. Personally, I thought the E4 insertion into the tech base was pretty well done, primarily due to the outdoor area. In some wads, parts are basically deus ex machined into the map and it stands out as unfitting.


Visually, besides some walls being a little bit bare, it looked good. Sufficient detailing and distinct but thematic areas gave it some aesthetic appeal.


As far as combat, I was always a little bit low on ammo. I found 0 secrets, so I'm positive there was a plasma gun somewhere, maybe even a BFG. But it became problematic for me a few times. Even a chainsaw or berserk (although I could have missed those too) would make a big difference, especially with all the demons. I had no chance at the cybderdemon (though I suspect there's a telefrag secret somewhere), and definitely could not kill everything at the end, even letting them take out each other as best I could. Other than ammo, there were some nice traps. Lots of small space traps and some of them were not all that expected, like facing four more revenants after already killing two that opened up when you flip the switch. So I enjoyed most of the combat. However, there were some very camp-friendly areas, like when you open the first key door, there are perched revenants some distance away and a reclosing door. Also, there's a room with hell knights on a lower level that will come close to the ledge and thus be unable to hit you while you pick them off. The hitscanners don't appear until you go down there, meaning if you stay up, the hell knights are no threat.

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