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Map request.

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This is unbelievable what all links to this map is dead. This is very vell done work.  Now I try to find eotl.pk4, but wasn't find any working link. This map was saved in my collection on very old DVDs. I need time to find file and upload it...


Wait a bit...

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Thanks for reviving this map, @StormCatcher.77


9 hours ago, Doommarine_maxi said:

Btw, I don't wanna bother you much but if you have Raccoon City map/mod too, that would be great...


Looks not bad, but with all default models it doesn't looks like so "Raccoon City". I mean, a zombie city from 1998. And this building doesn't looks like any from RE2-RE3-Outbreak-ORC

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New request.

Deep Caves of Mars (fixed) (Beta 2) - deep_caves_of_mars_full_v10.zip

Deep Caves of Mars UPDATE ONLY (Beta 3) - deep_caves_of_mars_v12_update.zip

Docks - d3_mrlycon-docks_v2.1.zip

In Vein

Killing Shift

Edited by Doommarine_maxi

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