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Looking for WADs with high levels of detail.

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Have you ever thought, 'huh. this is cool but kinda bland.' Well that's how I feel sometimes. Does anyone know of any WADs with high texture detail? Something similar to Ancient Aliens or along those lines?

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Stronghold and ZDCMP 2 come to mind. Prime directive is also a contender (if you can figure out how to get a particular computer panel work. I know I can't)

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Some visually impressive wads off the top of my head:



Going Down


Speed of Doom



Whispers of Satan

Plutonia 2



Stardate 20x7

Swim with the Wales



Since you mentioned Ancient Aliens, I would especially recommend Valiant (also by Skillsaw) and Stardate 20x7 (go purple!)

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Lutz's Hellscape has some highly-detailed, high-quality hell maps. For me, they verge on being too detailed for my taste, but if you're looking for detail the set could hit the spot. Deus Vult II has some real jaw-dropping sights, especially towards the end of the set. +1 on on Breach and Brigandine as well--no one outdoes Viggles in the high-detail stunning visuals department.


FWIW, if you want low-detail but very non-bland visuals, I'd recommend Jim Flynn's Enigma Episode. The maps look crude and ugly as hell at first, but as you get into it you start to realize there's a really unique and purposeful visual style.

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