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baja blast rd.

A wad for Nine Inch Heels

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EDIT: Would like to add the demo clocks in at 4:48, so it's not like this took forever. ;-)

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Less than two hours ago I got woken up because of what I'd consider "false alarm". Anyway, I decided to distract myself a little before going to bed again, and recorded a HNTR tyson of this map, because punching mancs is something I'd consider interesting to do, and perhaps someone might wanna watch it to get their "mancs have too huge hitbox to get punched in PrBoom+" cured.


Unless I missed it because I was a little tired, this demo should also be reality: fornih_NIH_HNTR_127.zip

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Is there a category for face tanking every rocket that is fired? If not I'm out of luck on this map.


Seriously, this is an excellent practice map for berserking cybies and mancubi or for 2 shotting cybies. You can also get in some platforming practice or to suicide for quick restart.

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i tried this yesterday on UV, and I died after 10 punches; then tried HMP, cleared in one try so that felt cool.

i tried it again just now and got like half way through, second try. noisy_fornih_sda.zip (~9 mins to death)

was pretty consistent and killed like 1.5 cyberdemons with most my health reserves left... but then I fell apart rapidly in a short period of time before killing the second.

Berserking Cyberdemons: It kinda felt like 2-shotting a cyberdemon, but instead of 2 shots it takes like 40 shots, and those shots are harder to land.  My binging of ESP.wad certainly helped me out here to at least give me a small fighting chance.

btw it takes like 5 mins to kill a single cyberdemon; don't be fooled by above tricksters.


edit: just watched the demo by nih.  wtf clearly is a witch.

Edited by NoisyVelvet

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Some bonus demos from the creator, just for fun.


HNTR max reality (NIH's demo is better because it eats all the strawberries), HMP 3 cybs killed with a single BFG shot (lol), HMP 3 cybs in 5 bfg shots, and UV one cyb punched down in ~1:07, not reality. (I don't have much practice with cyb punching yet, so that was just for fun. :P) 



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1 hour ago, DanielAlexander said:

[ I hate hitbox >:( ]

Ahh.... You see, the hitbox is what makes punching them less trivial, and elevates the discipline to a form of art. ;-)

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21 hours ago, Nine Inch Heels said:

...  elevates the discipline to a form of art. ;-)

Next week on Bob Ross: "So, then we'll paint some happy little trees and then punch a cyberdemon or two. ... That's nice."


(Or maybe Deadpool as Bob Ross.)

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Just after finishing some dumb challenge, I want to punch some Cybers for fun. Argh, almost finish the map. This one is already 25 punches in. Should be able to UV Max this map in a few days. Yeah, really fun.

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Here's a UV-Max in 4:40




It's not reality sadly as I wanted to beat 4:48, but after 3 hours of attempts with a very aggressive approach I decided to surrender for today and just get an exit which beats 4:48. I could get reality if I was more cautious but it wouldn't surpass the already impressive record, so I have to play without any hesistation and with no regard for my survival.


To stand a chance of improving the time I go for a double strike tactic, which is to punch after the 2nd rocket then quickly again after the 3rd rocket, making a daring split second reaction strafe and landing a second punch. The problem with this approach is I'm playing Russian Roulette, it's consistent until I have the very rare circumstance of a Cyber firing instantly after finishing a volley of rockets, so after firing the 3rd he'll instantly start firing again without moving (emulating -fast behaviour essentially) if this occurs I'm going to get hit no matter what as I'm trying to go for a double strike every time. After countless failed attempts with this approach I decided to mix in double and single strikes, going for the latter when a Cyber was in an awkward position or I felt he'll suddenly misbehave.


The furthest I got in a Reality attempt was reaching the 3rd Cyber twice, then my nerves really started to go overdrive as my hands started to sweat and the tension went through the roof, leading to fucking up my movement on both runs. After these failures I went through a horrendous phase where my brain got confused and completely forgot where to strike the Cyber, as my eyes started to focus on the position of landing the punch on his body rather then paying attention to the timing of his rockets and my movement, so I kept on missing then I forgot my movement pattern and kept getting hit. It was likely the stress of coming so close to beating it previously and failing twice causing minor trauma and self doubt, I never previously had to pay attention to where I land my punches as it was second nature, but all of a sudden I just lost it and couldn't match the peformance of these previous two attempts which were so close yet so far. I then went back to study Nih's demo for recollection and took a short break before returning to the fray.


At this point I reached the 3 hour mark, after getting hit again in another attempt, I decided fuck it and just get an exit for today and attempt reality another day. I started to nail the 1st Cyber without a problem, but on the 2nd my brain would get messed up again and I'd start forgetting where to aim losing crucial seconds, on the 3rd Cyber I'd have a breakdown and kept getting hit and failed twice, then I finally succeeded after 20 minutes. It was probably a combination of playing for 3 hours without stopping leading to exhaustion and faltered confidence from failing so many times, I always felt a tinge of doubt in my sub-conscious when I finally reached the 3rd Cyber in an attempt and thinking yeah I'm gonna royally fuck this up aren't I? Despite handling the 1st Cyber very well, why can't you repeat your performance on the other two? Thankfully I didn't fuck up the platforming at the end or I would have been really pissed :D


This took 3 hours and 20 minutes of dedication and persistance. When I begin a demo recording session for a map I want to speedrun, I'm very dedicated and don't give up easily, throwing all my energy and heart into the run.


For curiosity, my best time at killing the first cyber was 1:05, on average I'd get 1:16.


Thanks to @rdwpa for creating an excellent training ground which will provide invaluable practice for my future tyson runs. If I had to take on a Cyber with berserk at hand, I'd always swing after the 2nd rocket and never go for the daredevil double strike here, I just used it to try and beat the current time.


Thanks to @Nine Inch Heels for showing me the best strategy for fisting Cybers which is after the 2nd rocket, this is the safest time to strike as he'll always throw a 3rd rocket so the pattern of behaviour is consistent, the problem with punching after the 3rd rocket is you never know if he'll suddenly began firing instantly. Congrats on a kick ass time! I'll keep trying for a reality run which improves it ;)


Lastly, lul at the Secret of Mana music, I really wasn't expecting that :D

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HMP "Butt-FG" Max


Rule: Must turn the back to the Cyberdemons when the BFG tracers are emitted.


Well... wanted to do this stupid thing for quite a while, but can't find a good map with multiple Cybers. Have been trying this on Plutonia Map31, but there are so many other things going on, and the arena is not very good to do. Thanks rd a lot for this map, having a lot of fun from punching Cybers. ;P

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Expected a GZDoom map featuring 3D floor-based high heels at 100x scale, was disappointed

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I decided to revisit this today to make a 'Reality' demo.




This took around 30 mins to accomplish. I went for aggressive double swipes then reverted to single swipes for the final Cyber which makes killing a lot slower, my intention was to get a reality exit but not attempt to beat the record at this moment.


A shame my ability to land successful strikes diminishs on the final Cyber, my heart started to beat fast and I felt the tension greatly, really sucks I failed the platforming :I good thing their isn't a damage sector ;)


I'll save the ordeal of going full yolo another day :D

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I am quite amazed that this is keeping you busy for so long. I think if somebody told me like 3 years ago that punching cyberdemons was gonna be a thing I'd enjoy at some point, I'd have told them to shut it right then and there. Kinda glad I am not the only person with such a weird gameplay fetish though. :p

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^Nah, I go to play this map whenever I don't know what to do. Now I can do double hits more reliably, and can take down the first one around 1:35 (of course, still quite improvable). Still trying to have a better run on UV, of course, not with reality in mind now. My overall skill is not polished though, so it might take me a lot time to do one, I guess.


BTW, Congrats on Krypto getting a Reality run of this.

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