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Eternity and Heretic

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I've heard that the latest beta of Eternity supports Heretic. I thought that this was so, so I downloaded the latest beta of Eternity in hopes of playing Heretic with it, if only to get some sound from it (ZDoom beta 33 only plays sound with Heretic when I'm lucky :( ).
Anyway, I downloaded the WAD you need to play it with, unzipped everything into my Heretic directory, double-clicked the EXE, and got this one particular error:
W_GetNumForName: STCFN033 not found!

What's up with that? Bear in mind that I used the -file parm (c:\games\heretic\eternity.exe -file eterhtic.wad).

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It should be c:\games\heretic\eternity.exe -iwad heretic.wad

*Edit by Quasar: this is wrong, please see my message below.

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First, don't add eterhtic.wad yourself. It will be automatically loaded by the engine at startup.

Then, you need one copy of either Ultimate DOOM or DOOM II, Ultimate DOOM being preferred because of its similarities to Heretic in game mode structure.

Then, you can try out heretic hack mode by following this example and substituting the appropriate paths to the files:

> eternity -iwad c:\doom\doom.wad -file c:\heretic\heretic.wad -heretic

Do not forget the -heretic on the end or it will not work at all. Also, don't expect this to be playable or anything. The only stuff working is the level names, music, part of the level intermissions, some of the menus, and the episode endings. The v_font is remapped to the Heretic font, and subsystems like the console use different colors and the such to look better in Heretic mode. This is far from ready to be played, however, and is why its not really officially supported yet.

Heretic "hack" mode will be eliminated once I have the game no longer looking for ANY DOOM stuff during Heretic play. As you can probably imagine, that is a very large task in and of itself. Once its finished, you'll just use -iwad heretic.wad and it will automatically detect the game mode just like with DOOM.

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